cape cod native, part time new yorker, soon a student of london

lover of all things equestrian, vintage, and/or monogrammed

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Here comes the bride… all dressed in white Emilio Pucci.
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midlanticbabe : I have really sensitive skin, and everything I've used from Clinique has really been great. Their night creams are amazing for just general lifting and filling in lines :)

Good to know, thank you!!

Anonymous : moisturizer or night cream?

Night cream!

Does anyone have any strong recommendations for night creams for dry, sensitive skin? Does olay work as well as everyone says it does? I just found out the Korres cream I’ve been using has chemicals that actually can damage your skin overtime… So much for that 😐

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Ice cream in Newport yesterday with @amandacadieux 🍦 (at Downtown Newport, RI)
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Welcome to Ivy’s league.